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I have a composite report including several subreports that show lists of items. Our customers are using dot-matrix printers to print the report in multiple copies on a pre printed form, so printing with laser printers is out of the question :(.


I have problems with blank lines that appear in the lists. If I use 10 pixels for character height in the exporter setting, then:

- if I create fields that are 11 pixels high, the fields print, but every 11th row in the list is a blank row (understandeable)

- if i create fields, that are 10 pixels high (the same as the setting), the fields do not print


I was considering using 30 or more pixels for character height, but that would only make the problem smaller (every 30th row would be blank) and there would still be blank lines.


Hmm, I'm out of ideas :). I need help, please!

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