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SQL exception using $P!{Parameter}


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I have a multi-select on a form that returns an SQL syntax error [fred blogs],[harry smith] for the values selected. Where do the brackets come from? I'm using the latest jasperserver recently downloaded.


I'm using WHERE myfield in $P!{Parameter}. I also tried "$P!{Parameter}" and '$P!{Parameter}'. iReports and Jasperserver give the same error. My parameter is a collection. How do I get a list of values from a form? I tried $X but I get field $X not recognised so I went back to $P! as it's comes closest to getting me a result.


Can anyone help please?

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if you want to use myField in $P!{Parameter}, Parameter should be a String with a value like "(2,4,7)".


If you want to keep Parameter as a Collection, use $X(IN, myField, Parameter)


Also, make sure you have the latest version of iReport and JasperReports, as the $X feature isn't available in some of the earlier ones.

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