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Hello. This is my first topic in this forum.

I expect to be writing this in the right place.


First of all, let me explain the setup I have.


I have a server running Jboss AS 4.0.2 whose reports are generated with JasperReports and were created with iReports. This server Jboss, is published to the Internet via an Apache mod_jk is on another server directly to the Internet.

Well, now let's problems. With this configuration, and from the Internet want to run a report, I get the message "Can not connect to X11 window server ...." , Ok, perfect fix this by adding in run.sh of Jboss, -D java.awt.headless and reports work.

Well, now I find myself with another problem is that some of the reports that I use bar code, which is generated by the library barbecue.jar in iReports, and the bar code does not display correctly.

Reading in any forum, I found that this library (barbecue) apparently have problems when using the modifier awt.headless.

In short, if you solve a problem, I have my other.

You know someone like settings should be able to use bar codes with the modifier awt.headless or jasperreports can use on a server without using the modifier mod_jk awt.headless?


As of now, thank you very much and a thousand apologies for my bad English.

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