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Hello :)



I have report with some subreports.

After one subreport (subreport1) there is one empty page generated.

Not always the blank page is generated, it depends (it looks so) on how many rows are in the last "normal" page.

If the last page is completely filled, then most likely the blank page will appear.



I allready checked: there is no empty space between band-bottom and the last element.



What could be the solution? Any ideas?!


[file name=subreport1.xml size=25197]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/subreport1.xml[/file]

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I solved my problem.



I have a master report which contains many subreports (each subreport was in own group header).

In order to get that each subreport is started on a new page - I set isTitleNewPage="true" for each subreport and most likely

this was causing blank pages.


I set isTitleNewPage="false" for each subreport and added page break to every subreport's group (to reach that each subreport is started on a new page) and -> there is no blank pages.

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