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Crosstabs Won't Add To My Reports


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When I add a crosstab to my report on my computer, and run the query, the result is a blank white page. When I close the report and re-open it, the crosstab is gone. This is repeatable.


So, I can create a new report or edit an existing one. Everything in the report will work fine except the crosstab, which will not render. Then when I close the report and re-open it, everything else (such as text fields and variable fields) is still there except the crosstab. I have done this with versions 2.0.3, 2.0.1, and 1.3.3, always with the same result.


On my coworker's computer, I have done the exact same steps and the crosstab comes up and looks fine. He can send me his report, I can open it, the crosstab is there and will render fine; but if I save the report, the crosstab goes away, and is gone altogether when I re-open the report.


So, the specific problem seems to be that saving a report in my environment razes crosstabs.


I have searched the forums but didn't find a mention of this problem. I infer that this may be a problem with iReport versions or with a setting somewhere.

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