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I am using the .NET client for jasper server, and i can't figure out how to get a list of parameters for a specific report. When I run the following code, the parameter variable in the rDesc(ResourceDescriptor) is always empty:


private void getReports(Repository repository, ResourceDescriptor desc, ArrayList reports)


ListRequest request = new ListRequest(desc);


Response response = repository.list (request);

OperationResult result = response.toOperationResult();


if (result.resourceDescriptors != null)


foreach (ResourceDescriptor rDesc in result.resourceDescriptors )


if (rDesc.wsType.Equals(Constants.TYPE_FOLDER))


getReports(repository, rDesc, reports);


else if ( rDesc.wsType.Equals(Constants.TYPE_REPORTUNIT))




reports.Add( rDesc.parameters); // this is always null


else if (rDesc.wsType.Equals(Constants.TYPE_INPUT_CONTROL))


String name = rDesc.name;

Parameter[] param = rDesc.parameters;






Do you know how I can get a list of parameters for each report? I want to prompt the user in my .NET application with the parameters.


Thanks in Advance,


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