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iReport for eclipse - Problem


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hello together,


i have installed iReport and eclipse on my workstation. Now I want to connect them with the iReport PlugIn for eclipse. The Installation/Integration was no problem but iReport couldn't be started from eclipse. I get only this error:


Cannot find ireport home directory. Please run iReport at least once and retry.



What can i do that iReport can be started from eclipse???




(I'm a german student, so my english is not the best );)

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Not sure if you ever received a reply on this...


After you obtain the plugin for eclipse from the update site (or if you installed it manually), if you see this error it can be because (as the message says) you haven't launched iReport directly from the installation.


So if you simply launch iReport.exe from the iReport installation directory and THEN click on the launch icon within eclipse - it works.


Hope that works.


Zac George

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