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problem with export to Excel (xls) format

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By: Mark Castoe - mcastoe

problem with export to Excel (xls) format

2003-07-16 09:26

I can export reports to excel provided the reports are smaller than 10 pages in length. Reports greater than 10 pages are created but Excel cannot open the file (it gives an 'Unable to read file' error). I noticed that this has been reported as a problem previously. Has anybody found a solution? It does not meet our requirements to put one page per sheet which is the only solution I have seen so far.








By: Mark Castoe - mcastoe

RE: problem with export to Excel (xls) format

2003-07-18 07:54

For those who have had problems with this (the file is generated but Excel fails to open the file with an 'Unable to read file' error). I found a development version of POI on the Jakarta site,poi-2.0-pre1-20030517.jar, that solves the problem. I have not tested all aspects of this version of POI, but it does solve the large dataset XLS export problem with JasperReports.

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