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Executor problem


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Maybe someone can help me with this.


When i work in iReport and run the report i lose an executor in oracle rdb.


I get an error messages like below.


SQL problems: [Oracle][ODBC][Rdb]%SQLSRV-E-NO_EXEC, No executor processes are available at this time.


Under VMS i see 10 processes that run

000000AA RBS00D000A71 HIB 6 3123 0 000000B6 RBS00D000D71 HIB 6 3945 0 000000B7 RBS00D000E71 HIB 6 1195 0 000000B8 RBS00D000F71 HIB 6 1051 0 000000B9 RBS00D000G71 HIB 6 1065 0 000000BA RBS00D000H71 HIB 6 1056 0 000000BB RBS00D000I71 HIB 6 1055 0 000000BC RBS00D000J71 HIB 6 1057 0 000000BD RBS00D000K71 HIB 6 1055 0 000000BE RBS00D000L71 HIB 6 1055 0


In the SQL server i have difined that max_executor = 10.


Is there a way to close the connection after i run the report from iReport? It would help becose the systemmanager is getting crazy he has to stop every single process.

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