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Spacing between lines in detal section...

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By: Thomas Richter - hornet_f4c

Spacing between lines in detal section...

2003-07-16 08:34



This has probly been asked before but....


The detail (band height="18") section in one of my subreports describes a line of a table. I do this using two rectangles (height="18") and two textfields positioned inside these rectangles. Describing a line with two cells so to say. Everything is fine. When looping over the datasource this gives me just as many lines as I have datasets... looks like one would expect from a table. With no spacing between the lines.



But, the amount of text in these txfields can vary, this is why I set stretchWithOverFlow="true". To make sure my rectangles still suround the text as they should, I simply put the line (the two txtfields and the two rectangles) in an Elementgroup and set stretchType="relativeToTallestObject" for the rectangles.


Still everythig working fine, until I put more text into the cells, so the textfields actually begin to stretch:


Basic behaviour is ok, textfields stretch correctly and rectangles keep sourrounding them, but now -all of a sudden- I have a 2 pixel spacing between each line of my table.


....I tried everything I could think of - nothing helped.


To summarize - if I have one a small amount of data, the table looks fine, but as soon as the textfields begin to stretch, I get a 2 pixel spacing between the lines generated by my detail section.


Who can I get rid of this anomaly ???


Thanx in Advance.





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Spacing between lines in detal section...

2003-07-16 09:14




What version of JasperReports are you using?

Can you supply me with your XML report design

ant a generated PDF report, so that I could test

the same thing?




Thank you,


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