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Display Heading only once


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I have a main report with 5 subreports.


i am facing the problem with heading in the sub reports.


Suppose, if the sub report goes to the next page, the heading display TWO times. i have defined the heading section in the Title section of the subreport, even though it is displaying two times if the report comes to the second page.


i have declared groups for each sub report.in the group headers, i have placed the subreports.


Each suport is having the heading and details sections. The sub report headings are repeating if the if the report contains the data with multiple pages.


How to avoid displaying headings multiple times in the sub reports.


My requiremt : I want to display headings only once.


Please help..

[file name=2007_11_17__14_47_42_firehose_StateCount.html size=37159]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/2007_11_17__14_47_42_firehose_StateCount.html[/file]


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Try putting your title band section into column band section of the subreport JRXML template.


The sample file you have provided is a bit confusing.


If you can provide the JRXML then I might be able to help.

Or if you can give an example of what you are getting and what you what you want that might also be helpful in resolving your issue.

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