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Master Report Question


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I have created a Master report that works when there is no subreport included. I have also created a subreport that works correctly when I execute it. The master report is attached.


The master report stops working after I insert the subreport. I have read many posts in this forum on subreports and found good advice. I have created the parameter in the master and subreport. When no data property for the subreport is set to "All sections, no detail", as suggested in the forum.


I do not understand why the master stops working when the subreport is included. Suggestions for correcting this problem would be appreciated.


Thank you! [file name=HSA_Hours_Report.jrxml size=9288]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/HSA_Hours_Report.jrxml[/file]

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The master report does work, but the parameter is not used in the query. The paramter is mapped to one of the fields in the query.


The master works when the parameter "Use as prompt" is configured to "yes" and when configured to "no". There is no default value configured for the parameter.

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