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Uncompile .japer to .xml

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By: Schuller Tom - tomluxj

Uncompile .japer to .xml

2003-07-15 05:55


I have losed my .xml files.

But I possess the compiled .jasper files.


Is it possible to generate the source .xml files from the compiled .jasper files.








By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: Uncompile .japer to .xml

2003-07-15 06:38

Try this:


JasperDesign jd = <Load your .jasper object here>

String xml = JRXmlWriter.writeReport(jd);


THis is similar code that that used in the JasperEdit project. Basically, load your .jasper into the JasperDesign Object, then let the JRXmlWriter write the design out into a String. THen you save the String into a file.


Good luck!







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Uncompile .japer to .xml

2003-07-15 06:41




Check the "hyperlink" sample to see how a .jasper.xml

file is generated from the compiled .jasper file, using

the JRXmlWriter as Charles suggested.


I hope this helps.


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