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By: Chuck Deal - cdeal


2003-06-12 11:33

We have a report that has a group containing a subreport. On this group, we set the minHeightToStartNewPage equal to a value that should be big enough to hold the entire subreport. It turns out that it did not appear to be working properly. In our case, this group got called near the bottom of the page (in which it WOULD fit) and it prematurely ruptured. That is not the real problem however, the real problem is that it cause the next page to appear blank except for he page headers. Then on the page following that, it resumed printing the data. BUT, it appears that the engine was reading data on the previous page even though it wasn't printing it because when the data resumed, it finished the group that had ruptured and then resumed printing several records later in the resultset. To solve the problem, we removed the minHeightToStartNewPage attribute.


I have had similar experiences with Jasper having trouble when new lines were too close to the page break.


Can anyone shed some light on the problem?





By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: minHeightToStartNewPage

2003-06-12 11:34

Oops, that would be 0.4.5.


We have problems with Scriplets in 0.4.6, so we haven't been able to upgrade.





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: minHeightToStartNewPage

2003-07-07 12:41




In the 0.5.0 version I have solved some little bugs

that I think are related to this.


As for the scriptlet problem you mentioned,

I've not been able to reproduce it no matter what

I did.


Thank you,


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