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<line> appears "broken"

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By: Trevor D. Cook - beanie42

<line> appears "broken"

2003-07-04 09:25

I am attempting to print lines between the columns on my report using:



<band height="12">


<reportElement x="10" y="0" width="0" height="12" />

<graphicElement pen="1Point" />






The lines print out for every detail line, but there is a "break" between them (a small white space - that's what I meant by "broken" - not broken code :) ), making it appear to be a dashed line. I have tried various height and stretch attributes without success. Any suggestions on how to make a continuous line would be welcome





By: Ryan Johnson - delscovich

RE: <line> appears "broken"

2003-07-06 13:26

There is a "feature" in JR that make it impossible to connect vertical lines in reports - they draw shorter than you specify, but when you make them longer they go out of band bounds and are ignored completely.


Workaround: use a rectangle of width 0 and height 12 and it will render properly.


This is at least the third time I know of where this has come up, so maybe someone should bring it to Teodor's attention







By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: <line> appears "broken"

2003-07-07 05:26

I believe the suggested fix was to set the y coordinate to -1 (which will not throw any warnings) and should allow you to connect your vertical lines.





By: Trevor D. Cook - beanie42

RE: <line> appears "broken"

2003-07-07 09:09

Thanks Charles and Ryan. I tried the "-1" fix since using a line seems more semantically correct for what I'm trying to do, although I appreciate the rectangle suggestion.


Teodor, this issue is not mentioned in the websites faq or in the "Ultimate Guide" (at least not where I would expect it in 8.2. Is this something that is going to be fixed in a future version? If it is going to be fixed do you have an ETA? If not (or if the fix could be awhile) you may want to post the workarounds in both the general and purchased docs.








By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: <line> appears "broken"

2003-07-07 09:35




This is something that took me a while to clarify for


The initial idea that horizontal and vertical lines could

have zero height and zero width respectively was not

a very good one.

In fact, a vertical line ocupies a pixel in the report design.


Then, trying to put this back on the tracks, I made

some modifications to render them one pixel shorter,

because a 3 pixels long line was in fact 4 pixels long.


But the move was incomplete since rectangles with

the same dimensions were rendered 1 pixel bigger.


It is the new 0.5.0 version that tries to settle the

whole thing.

If the solution gets accepted, all documentation will

be updated as soon as possible.


Thank you,


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