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Can Jasper do this ?

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By: Cezar FLOROIU - cezz

Can Jasper do this ?

2003-07-03 05:03

Hi, I'm facing the following problem and I wonder how to do it .. I'm having 3 subreports: first 2, one column each, side by side and the third one it's starting after the first one is finished, it is continued vertically untill the page breaks and then it is continued after the second report is finished.


To make a clear image somethink like :


Report 1 ----------------------- Report2

line 11 ----------------------- line 21

line 12 ----------------------- line 22

Report3 ----------------------- line 23

line 31 ----------------------- line 24

line 32 ----------------------- line 36

line 33 ----------------------- line 37

line 34 ----------------------- line 38

line 35 ----------------------- line 39


and the report 3 continues on on next page..


The lines 1x are for subreport 1, 2x for subreport 2 and 3x for subreport 3.



How can I do this ???



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