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By: Stephen Ho - sfgear

Report Image

2003-06-04 04:27



I am new to jasperReport and like to have some feedback from experience developer regarding the following approach:


- Based on jasperReport 0.4.6

- Included webapp sample application (htmlservlet.java)


1. I had created a simple report.xml with 2 gif images files in the report

2. This report is compiled into .jasper

3. JRHtmlExporterParameter.IMAGES_URI has been set to "/reports/countryRpt/images"


In order to have all the images display correctly, I had to copy all these image file (test1.gif, test2.gif, px, img_1, img_2) into the /Web/Content/reports/countryRpt/images folder. If either one of those files is missing from the folder, the report will not be displayed correctly.

Missing test1/2 gif file will generate servlet error message.


Here are the questions:


- Is this the correct way to deploy a compiled report?

- Each report will have its own image files and its storage location?

- When viewing the image is fine in HTML and PDF but when printing the image is a bit fuzz


Please advise if there is a better way to perform the above task.




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