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newbie: XML Data source Part 2


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Okay .. I worked out how to get fields (thanks, guys). Seem like everything got locked up and a complete restart managed to make things happen the way they should (I can get fields). :)


So, part B..


I add the fields to the report with some in the title section and some in the detail section. And when I run the report in 'Empty Data Source' mode it shows me my report, all shiny new, with 'null' where the fields will go.


Then when I run it against the XML data, I get a


'The document has no pages'


error. The XML has data, so again, I guess that I am doing something wrong. All of the field descriptions seem to be pointing to the right places.


Any thoughts of where to check next?


Many thanks

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If you post your JRXML file, I might be able to help you and correct it.



Another thing try using iReport 2.0.0.

Since I tried using iReport 2.0.1 and that seems to me full of bugs.My experience with iRpeort 2.0.1 is not good.(Sorry for the makers).


I have seen our 'newbie: XML data source and iReports' post.

try this to print just the userid.

Open your jrxml in iReport.

1)In menu click on view->Fields

2)Click on new

3)give field name as newUserId

4)select class as java.lang.String

5)This is IMP.In the 'Field Description' type 'UserId' without quotes

6)In Report Query '/FooReport/header' without quotes

7)Create a Text Field in the title band

8)Keep its Expression as $F{newUserId}


Hope this help.

If it doesn't just send your JRXML file.

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