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newbie: XML data source and iReports


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Hi ..


I am trying to get going using iReports 2.0.1 and an XML data source and not having much joy. Any help would be appreciated.


The steps I am taking are:


1. Data/Connections/New

Select 'foo.xml'

Select "Use the report XPath.."

Test (successful)


2. Data/Report Query

Query language = XPath

Enter expression: '/FooReport/header'

Click 'Read Fields'


And I get nothing back!

So, I am clearly doing something very basic wrong.


Any help grateful accepted.





Here is the XML of the report:


<?xml version="1.0"?>



<UserId>Bob Bobson</UserId>



<Intro>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</Intro>





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I don't think xpath works properly, or at least I had the same problem of you. To fix this:


Set the expression instead of using xpath.

Your expression would be:



Then the xpath query will work.


Hope that solves it!

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Thanks, for your prompt help, guys, but I must be thick today .. :)




I tried your suggestion of putting the expression into the data source expression. I then assume that I go into 'Data/Report Query', select 'XPath' and enter a value of '/' as the query? If I do that or explictly set the field name, like '/UserId' I still see nothing in the Fields section.


Also, I have 'Auto Retreive Fields' off and am doing a maual fetch. Doesn't make a difference.




Ummm .. what sidebar? I can't seem to get fields from anywhere!




Here is the bit from the .jrxml file



And that seems to be okay.


Is there a differnce between the 'XPath' and 'xpath2' query languages? I assume that 'XPath' is just 1.0 and 'xpath2' will do both?


Thanks again. Still more help needed!

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