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xls defaulting to red font


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When I produce an excel file the font color is indeed black like I want but excel shows the font color as red and prints out that way unless manually changed to black, Is there a way around this?

Attached a screenshot- size=181]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/images/1.JPG

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I think I solved my own problem. I noticed that all xls files by default show the font color as being red so this was not the problem. In looking closer at my xml I had all columns and data cells set to #000000 except for 2 of them which were #333333. After changing the later 2 tags to #000000 the report printed fine on a color printer in "all black" text like I wanted. I also changed the printOrder to "Horizontal" from vertical although I don't know if this made a difference. But all is well that ends well.. Thanks E
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ok- looks like I'm not out of the water yet - my last report came out looking black in the excel sheet but printed all red :(


If anyone has had similar problems then I'd appreciate any help.Here is a snippet of how my cells are setup.




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