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Hi there,


I'd like to hide "resource" directories like datasources, datatypes, images from my users home directory. If I change the permissions for directory "datasources" for ROLE_USER to no_access (which hides the directory) my users can't run a single report (Access denied).


Is there a solution for this behaviour? Is it possible to hide these directories from users? These directories appear to be empty to the users and therefore useless.


Any comments are welcome!




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Don't know if there's a proper way to do this but as a terrible hack you can edit jsp/repository/defaultView.jsp (I think - typing from memory), to add <c: if> tags to check for the resource name and skip outputting it if it's one you don't want.



Just don't change the folder name in the repository, or upgrade over top of your changes. Those are some reasons it's a terrible hack, although the end result would just be that users could see them again, so it's not the worst.

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