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ireport problem


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I am new to this tool, java and am using 2.0.0 version.I've used crystal report before.i don't know how to convert this formula into ireport.and i don't where to put this code in ireport.


if len({?parameter1}) > 0 then

{v_all_trnx.batch_no} = {?parameter1}


if {?parameter2} > 0 then

{v_all_trnx.payer_id} = {?parameter2}


{v_all_trnx.delete_flag} = "N"

else true

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You cannont use 'If' 'else' statements from within iReport.


The equivalent which you can use is a ternary clause. It looks similar. The bolded text is what will execute if the condition results to 'TRUE'. After the ':' is what will happen if it results to 'FALSE'.


(len({parameter1}) > 0 ? {v_all_trnx.batch_no} = {parameter1} : Whatever happens when it's false goes here


Hope it helps

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