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Hello, first of all sorry for my poor english, im from brazil, and second lets see if someone can help me. After a week searching on the forum for a solution to my problem (and i didn´t find or not understand something i read) i decide to create a topic. So the problem. I am sending to my report an arraylist wich contains some fields and some nested objects.. but not a list only nested object with some data that i need..


For example:


Object 1: Main Data




Item(object 2)


Object 2: Secundary Data (only one, not a list)




So to the report i send an arraylist of (Object 1) that which one contains an Object 2 "inside", and i want to show yhe ItemCode and Description on a group of my report ( acttually i have 6 nested objects, but to make things eaiser to understand i use only one, all the five others follow the same. Just to explain better in the main object i only have the codes and for each code e created a nsted object to get code and description. So at the end i have one big objects if six nested objects.)


I´ve tried a lot to access the fields of object 2 but it simple sends me a message that the fiels couldn't be found on the bean. And i´ve read a lot and tried to implement a series of solutions describe in the forum but still i could not find any solution. If someone can help, please i would appreciate. Thanks..

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