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I'd like to use a fullsize background image, regardless the page margins set.


Example: Total page size is 595 x 842, margin is 20 px on each side, so the printable size is 555 x 802.


Is it possible to force the background band to 595 x 842 instead of 555 x 802? I do not want to use any resize methods. The report is to be printed together with a standard form.


My "best" result so far was to create the form using a 72 dpi image and scaling set to "Clip" - but the image quality is very bad.

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Create your image with a higher resolution. For example on an 8 1/2 X 11 pages I use images of size 1700 X 2200 which is 200 dpi when printed with no margins. That is acceptable while minimizing image size. Set 'Scale image' to 'retain shape'. This combo works for me.
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