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Integrate Mondrian in Liferay Portal


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I´m trying to integrate Mondrian/JPivot as a portlet in the Liferay Portal. I´ve modified the JPivotPortlet, which has been written to run Mondrian/JPivot in the JBoss Portal, so that this portlet should run in the Liferay Portal. The deployment of the portlet happens without any exceptions. After the portal server has started, the initial view of the JPivot table appears correctly.

But if I click on any button of the JPivot table, nothing happens, except a repoad of the portalpage.


Does anybody know a solution how to integrate mondrian/jpivot in a Liferay-Portelt???



Manuel Drieschmanns

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I'd need some more info to your issue:


1)What does the URL of the button action look like?


2)Is that a renderRequest or actionRequest?


Since JPivot uses session heavily, did you check if the values are in PortletSession.APPLICATION_SCOPE or PORTLET_SCOPE?

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