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Hi to all,




I am quite new with Jasperreport. Can you please help me with a little problem exporting my report into PDF with page breaks or not . So I saw there is a parameter"IS_IGNORE_PAGINATION" wish can be set to TRUE or FALSE.


The problem is when i set it to false i get my result with 80 pages wiht page breaks(remarks: I group my element people and start a new page for it). But when i set "IS_IGNORE_PAGINATION" to TRUE, I got a blank page


My second parameter works fine.


Here is my code :




HashMap hm =new HashMap();



hm.put("IS_IGNORE_PAGINATION",Boolean.TRUE);hm.put("Test","My name");



JasperPrint print = JasperFillManager.fillReport("people_details.jasper",hm,cxt);



JasperExportManager.exportReportToPdfFile (print, "./pdf/people_details"+".pdf");





Thanks a lot for your help. :-))


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