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JavaScript:history.go(-1) in hyperlink


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Hi all !!


i want to create a hyperlink in jasper report (to be viewed as pdf in IE) and set its target to "javascript:history.go(-1)".


Currently i've set

hyperlink target = blank

hyperlink type = reference

hyperlink expression = "" onclick = 'javascript:hisory.go(-1)'


but this not working.



can somebody suggest me a solution..

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I'm afraid a construction with href="" wouldn't work ever.

I think also that Acrobat throws the security alert because it's a matter of running scripts, and not of forwarding to a website url.

Maybe the only solution is to keep in a parameter you will pass to the report, the actual url of the previous page, and write a proper hyperlink expression with that url.

Anyway, if you'd try to post your web app related question on the appropriate forum, probably there would be more people with javascript expertise who could give you optimized solutions.




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