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Ireport - Months between dates


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Date calculations are a tricky thing. See http://www.xmission.com/~goodhill/dates/deltaDates.html and http://www.exit109.com/%7Eghealton/y2k/yrexamples.html for some examples.



It's often easier to do this sort of thing in SQL where rudimentary date calculation methods are already available.



In Oracle you can use the built in MONTHS_BETWEEN(Date1, Date2) function.



MySQL has PERIOD_DIFF(P1,P2) but P1 and P2 are not Date values. They are date formatted integers of the form YYMM or YYYYMM. eg. SELECT PERIOD_DIFF(9802,199703) from dual;

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Ok, I will try that, but before I do I will need to convert my Parameter date into YYYYMM so that I can use it in MySQL

(The parameter is using the type java.util.Date)

Can you suggest the best way ?


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