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Report generation based on the provided columns


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Can anyone help me to generate the dynamic .jrxml file based on the user provided columns?


if any one have the idea on dynamically create a JRXML file? Basically, I would like to create a report template based on providing columns from a JSP page and create the JRXML file on the "fly" and compile it.


Example: My query is like that:

select uid,fname,lname,address,city,state,country,phone from profile.


Then user may select only uid,fname,lname based on that the report will generate with three columns,


Suppose he may select 4 or 5 columns based on that the report needs to generate.


Please help me is there any api to generate the dynamic report based on the columns!

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Tricky. I tried using the following format :

Select $P!{column} from table, where column was the parameter i specified. But i realised when u print the fields, it varies dynamically. Would be really good if someone knew the answer.

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