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DETAILS:displaying rows of data in single row

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By: Tim Dykes - tim_dykes

DETAILS:displaying rows of data in single row

2003-05-15 08:16

For a given dataset, is it possible to display each row of data in one single rows as opposed to displaying each row on a new line?






By: mike w - mwans

RE: DETAILS:displaying rows of data in single row

2003-05-15 15:43

If you know the number of rows that will be returned, you can make your groups start new columns instead of rows. I'm not sure if this is what you want. Try experimenting with the "isStartNewColumn" attribute in your groups. You have to adjust the "columnCount" attribute of your "jasperReport" root element too.


Another technique I have had to use for similar dilemmas, is to have a single SELECT statement in my query with multiple sub-SELECTS in it. This will return many values in a single row. For example:


((SELECT COUNT(ID1) FROM someTable1),





(SELECT COUNT(IDn) FROM someTablen))


This way we get all of our counts in a single row for easy access. I'm sure this is bad performance-wise, but I am allowed that.



Hope this helps,







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: DETAILS:displaying rows of data in single

2003-05-17 03:58




As long as you are not talking about pure crosstab

reports, I think there are tricks you can employ to

achieve what you need.


I just wanted to say that crosstab reports are not yet

possible in JasperReports.


Thank you,


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