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WEB Lessons Learned

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By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

WEB Lessons Learned

2003-05-14 12:53

I have an IPlanet webserver with a client base of only Internet Explorer users (intranet application).


I mention IE because this particular issue seems only to afflict IE browsers.


I had been using a JSP page call my reports. I would then stream the bytes directly to the window after setting the MIME type to PDF. Not a bad solution. Although, it appeared that IE was calling the report twice.


Some of my new reports were major performance problems. As a result, I switched over from a JSP to a Servlet that did EXACTLY the same thing in it's service() method and performance has been greatly enhanced. For example, I had one report running consistently at 55 seconds. After the change to the servlet, it dropped to 5 seconds.


I thought I would share this with the group in case anyone else has experienced this problem or if there might be an even better way to do what I am doing.


JasperReports is great!

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