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Newbie: Count text column/field?


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Hello... Newbie here. I have a column that contains the text of either High, Medium, and Low. I would like to count say all High's. How do I do this? I have tried creating different variables but unable to get it to work. Any chance someone can give me the variable configuration? Thanks...
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create a new variable called (say) $V{HighCount) as java.lang.Integer with a Calculation Type of Sum and an Initial Value Expression of new java.lang.Integer(0)



The Variable Expression would then be new java.lang.Integer($F{yourFieldName}.equals("High") ? 1 : 0)




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JM, thanks for your help. The variable you gave me works but when I use "High" I get a value of 26. There is actually 13 high's so it seems to be counting the 2 H's. I have tried different variables but I still get doubles. If I create a variable for "Low" it works fine. If I create a variable for "Medium" I get doubles also. What do you think I am missing/doing? Thanks...
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I have a similiar issue.. I have busses, that have three status's In Service, Operational but needs work and out of service. They are grouped by location.

I got it to count the in service status but it will only do it per line. I would like to do it per LOCATION.. now how do I add that in.. right now I have the Variable.. InServCount And the properties for that show: Value Class Name: java.lang.String, Calculation: Sum, Expression new java.lang.Integer($F{Status}.equals("In Service") ?1:0)

Initial Value Expression: BLANK

Increment type: Group1 (this group is my Location--only one group)

Incrementer Factory Class Name is BLANK

Reset Type GROUP1

Any help would be greatly apprecieated.. The Group1 field name is YARD



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