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Date parameter with iReport


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I try to use date parameters (type java.util.Date)

with a report.



FROM ...

WHERE date >= $P{Date1}

AND date <= $P{Date2}



I have set default value for the 2 parameters like this :

new Date(01,01,2001) for Date1

and new Date(31,12,2099) for Date2


but it doesn't work when I launch the report in jasper without parameters.


Could you help me.

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Your default values for your date parameters have to be valid Java expressions. Try instantiating a Date object using correct Java syntax, this should work. For example, a default value for an Integer parameter should look like this:


new Integer(0)


Date's in Java are created somewhat differently. I think this is where your problem lies. Remember that the Date class is instantiated like so:


Date d1 = new Date(aNumberInMilliseconds);



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