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conditional borders


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I understand, from reading previous posts, that styles - including conditional styles - only over-ride default attributes. I have a conditional style that sets the font to bold and adds a top border:


<style name="groupingStyle" isDefault="false" fontSize="6">
<style name="groupingStyle" isDefault="false" topBorder="Thin" topBorderColor="#000000" fontSize="6" isBold="true"/>


The condition will set the font to bold, but the top border is not added. I can not, through iReport (versions 1.3 or 2), set the border attributes of the text box to be 'Default', ie. there is no place to click a 'reset to default' button that I can see. Therefore the border is not added to the box through the conditional style.


[code]<textField isStretchWithOverflow="false" pattern="#,##0.00" isBlankWhenNull="false" evaluationTime="Now" hyperlinkType="None" hyperlinkTarget="Self">
<reportElement style="groupingStyle" x="164" y="0" width="26" height="10" key="textField"/>
<box topBorder="None" topBorderColor="#000000" topPadding="1" leftBorder="None" leftBorderColor="#000000" rightBorder="None" rightBorderColor="#000000" rightPadding="1" bottomBorder="None" bottomBorderColor="#000000"/>


I can remove the topBorder and topBorderColor in the xml file, but iReport will re-add them when ever I open the properties of this box.


Is there something that I am missing in terms of setting the border with a conditional style? It is not working for me.


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I have yet to find a solution to this issue. I am trying to work on a work-around. Can someone please confirm that styles - including conditional styles - only over-ride 'default' properties (borders, font sizes, etc.)

Thanks for your time.

Post edited by: Rianur, at: 2007/06/26 18:43

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