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Grouping problem with DB2 database


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I have a big problem.

Let us consider I have a table "Bubu" in my DB2-Database and also teh same table with the same content for a Oracle database.

Into the table there exists an column "name" with the values: "Name01", "Name02"


To demonstrate the problem I create a stupid query:

select name as "Name", 1 as "Fake", 0 as "Fake2" from bubu


select name as "Name", 0 as "Fake", 1 as "Fake2" from bubu


On both databases teh result would be the same:

Name01, 1, 0

Name02, 1, 0

Name01, 0, 1

Name02, 0, 1


Now I want to create an report which schow me only one name of the same type, so I want to se the follwing:




I know i can use distinct in the query but I want to show you the problem with iReport or perhaps jasperReports ????


So, I create a new report with iReport, use the query and go to the "Report Groups"-editor. There I create a new group with the expresion "$F{Name}".

In the nameGroupFooter I set the TextField with the expresion $F{Name}.


What do you mean its the difference between the reports executed on a Oralce database and a DB2 database?


The DB2 result:







The Oracle result:






Why this difference? I need the oracle result for the DB2 database, but how????






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