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subreport and its foot not at the botton. Summary


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I've compiling all topics (at least 12, see bellow) related with the fact that it is unable to place (at the BOTTON of a subreport) a foot text. Something like a custom legend or foottitle for each subreport.

Page footer information cannot be placed in the subreport, because it will not be rendered at the bottom of the master report.

This is how subreports work.


However, Don't you think legends and foot-title are so common stuffs that it have to be inside a good report engite such as JasperReport?

Jasper People, What do you think about that? Are you planning something about this topic?

Response will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish but let me tell you the order of bands, it might help you.


- background (doesnt matter is on everypage)

- title (on first page only)

- page header( everypage)

- column header ( after every column )

- subreport or group headers ( if you have them )

- detail (every page)

- subreport or group footers ( if you have them )

- column footer ( after every column )

- page footer( everypage)

- summary (butted against last band above last page)

- last page (only on last page)


even though this is a basic explaination it does not tell everything you want to know, bands and groups are very complicated. to avoid a problem with the page footer of the master report printing after every band do this: View >> Report Groups >> New >> call it Subreport, make the header 5 and the footer 0, that's it, then expand the subreport object to fill the whole band called, "Subreport Header".


If you want to add something after each subreport, do the same steps as above but expand "Subreport Footer" to the size you need and add what you want.


Any other questions feel free to ask.

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Hi case 1182, thanks for your help.

What I would like to accomplish is:


I have one master report and serveral subreports placed inside header bands (one band for each subreport).

The subreports has static foot text (placed at subreport's pageFooter band) like a legend of acronyms used in the subreport, and also has a foot-title at the botton of the subreport page that completes the title at the header of the subreport's page. (Example: if the pagetitle is "General information" the foot-title would be "Section 1. General Information")

What I would like to accomplish is to place that foot text at the botton of every subreport's page. (Note that the foot text is different for each subreport.)

However that foot text is placed following the detail information of the subreport and NOT at the botton of the page, not even fixed at the botton but fixed at the top (of course I set the position type to Fix to botton).


A complete example of my problem (.jrxml and screenshot included) could be found at:




Thanks a lot for your time.

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Ok. I think I've solve my issue.

It is possible to put static text (and also some dinamic text) at the botton of subreports. How?

Using Background band.

1) Resize Background band as height as the page dimension. For example an A4 portait has 842 high, so you have to size background band to 842.

2) Put the static text such as legends or foot-titles at the botton of Background band.


That's all. that static text will be appear at the botton of your subreport pages.


What if the detail of the subreport occupies the whole page? Will the foot be hidden by the detail? Yes it will. However it is easyly solved booking some place at the botton of your subreport: for example, sizing the subreport footer band at the same height as the legend.


Note: You can also put some dinamic data as pagenumber inside background band.

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