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Using Parameters in the Report Query (FROM-clause)


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Dear all,


i'm using JasperReports for quite some time now. One thing that bugs me is that i can't use Parameters inside the Report Query before the 'WHERE-clause'... I would like to pass in some let's say Temporary Table Name as Parameter when filling the Report. It seems to me that JasperReports doesn't replace Parameters used in the 'FROM-clause'...


BTW: I've had this Problem in all Jasper Versions i've tried so far. (1.2.0, 1.2.8 and the newest 1.3.3)


Any reason / suggestion / solution to that?


Thanks in advice,


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Sorry... seems like i've read over the second paragraph in the Tutorial.... i must have missed the exclamation mark.


$P!{PARAMNAME} works fine for replacing entirely parts of the query....


Great Help Lucian!




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