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JasperReports supports Dropdown list or JComboBox?


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Good day to all,

As I am researching how flexible this JasperReports can do reports in Java, I came across a query that I cannot find any answers over the net. I understand JasperReports is meant to generate reports that is ready-to-print format and it should be easy to change its format. However, I can do see some dynamic inputs that are created in the JasperReports like textfields and checkbox(with some customisation). My question is does JasperReports support dropdown list or JComboBox with the elements of the list from a database?

Thanks in advancing in replying this thread.



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At this moment the answer is no. As a ready-to-print format, having a value set at the top of an entire hidden list could only enormously increase the size of the generated document. Because report generation is done completely automatic, changing values manually in a combobox is meaningless.

You could either programatically generate a separate report for each element in your list, or preset the one desired value for your field in a textfield.




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