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Error compiling report java source files


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I'm newer. Does anyone can help me?


I make my report on iReport, compile it and run well.

When i try integrate it with my java programme, this message appear in console :


Error compiling report java source files : D:rootsubpathreportreport_1181355780703_568171.java


The report doesn't appear. In this case I using iReport ver.1.2.8 and jdk ver.1_5_8 with editor Netbeans IDE 5.5


I've try to run it in another comp. with same version iReport but jdk ver.1_5_10, the result was same. Can anyone help me? :(

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To run a report from your java app, you don't need any of the .java files generated with iReport. The only thing you need is the generated .jrxml file, which should be loaded from its location and then exported to one or another file format, as desired.

Try to make some cleanup in your app's classpath, to exclude the iReport's generated .java files.


Another obs: am I missing something, or some path separators (such '/' or '') are vanished in this expression: D:rootsubpathreportreport_1181355780703_568171.java ?

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Meanwhile, I downloaded NetBeans and tried to run a sample report from within. It's not a matter of iReports, but a NetBeans' one. You're right, apparently the default compiler invoked by NetBeans is not the appropriate one.

In these conditions, it could be helpful if you'd include the jdt-compiler jar, (or at least the tools.jar you find in your JAVA_HOME/lib directory) in your app classpath.




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