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Last Page With Subreports

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By: mike w - mwans

Last Page With Subreports

2003-05-05 14:11


Could someone please help me with the following problem? I have a multipage report with 2 nested subreports. I want to print "(continued)" as the footer of every page except the last. I looked at the example using the hash map, but I can not make it work with subreports. Can I pass the Hash map to the subreports as a parameter? If so, will my master report be able to read the Hash Map and know when the subreports have changed a value in it? Please help. Thank you.







By: mike w - mwans

RE: Last Page With Subreports

2003-05-05 14:33

Ok, I figured it out. I figured it out as I was writing the question. What I did was pass the Hash map to the subreport. I then set the the flag in the summary of the subreport (to false) signifying the last page of the report. It turns out that the parent report still has access to this object (pass by reference). I then verified whether it was the last page in the parent document. Lastly, I initialized the variable in my parent (master) report's title (to true) so it would print until it was set to (false) signifying the last page.


I know that sounds confusing. But if anyone else has a similar issue, I will gladly post the code if asked and do my best to help.

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