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Does anybody know about JRDataSources?


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Hi, :( I´m very frustrated because I have searched in tons of forums and no one couldn´t give me answer of configuring JRDataSources in subreports.. Is it an urban legend? anybody could get it to work?


I try to pass two JRBeanCollectionDataSource (one to master, other to subreport) in the fillReport method from my java application, and leaving parameters as null.


Well, It works separately (prints two pdf with its content), but when I join the subreport to the master, the subreport area only shows the static fields, drawing the dynamic as "null" (the master area it´s ok).


I put "new JREmptyDataSource()" in the "Subreport" -> "DataSource Expression" menu, but I´m almost sure here is the mistake.. What I should type?


Please, help me because it doesn´t appear in any forum or manual!


Thanks a lot, bye!


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