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JasperCompileManager saving .java to /root


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Hi All


I have designed my own web application that runs under tomcat. The web application runs perfectly on 1 machine but on the other machine the reports are trying to be compiled to /root.


I dont know what the default behavior should be but compiling a report in a home directory let alone /root is a bad idea. I haven't set the compile directory anywhere so I am assuming that the home directory of the user running tomcat is used to compile a report. How can I set the compile directory when using JasperCompileManager.compileReport ( InputStream ) to for example /tmp


Thanks in advance.




Edit 14:34 1 juni 2007


I have just examined the source code and I have discovered that the default behaviour is that reports are compiled to the home directory -> System.getProperty("user.dir");


Althought each programmer thinks differently I think we can agree that compiling to the users home directory is just plain poor programming thinking. Why not use System.getProperty("java.io.tmpdir") property to get the temp directory. That's what a temp directory is for, for doing such operations.


Or File temp = File.createTempFile("jasperreport_",".java"); and then save the java file to that file


Please dont see this as a jasperreport bashing, on the contrary I am very grateful that jasperreport exists, but please see this as positive critism.

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The recommended way of compiling reports (especially in server applications) is to use the JDT-based report compiler which doesn't need a temp *.java file on the filesystem. So if you just include the jdt-compiler.jar distributed with JR (or the JDT jar from Eclipse), you will not need to worry about temporary report compilation files. Also remember that if you have a static set of reports, you should compile them during your application's build.


The default location choice for temp java files is indeed arguable, but on the other hand it's just a default and anyone can easily change it.




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