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Summary of subreport values


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Hi there --



I understand how to return a value from a subreport to the master report. I also understand how to sum these return values.



What I would like to do, however, is to have a list of subreport totals in my master report's summary.



For example, let's say I have customers in three cities: Chicago, London, and Milan, and I call the subreport once for each city. Each time it is run, I will return the number of customers in that city.



So, let's pretend that I have 6 customers in Chicago, 3 in London, and 4 in Milan. I don't just want the number 13. Instead, I want my master report's summary to say:



Chicago: 6

London: 3

Milan: 4


Total: 13



Ideally, I would prefer not to have another subreport in the Summary, because the query is complex and takes several minutes to run.



Can I store the return value from each subreport's query separately somehow? When I try this, I just seem to end up with the last subreport's value in all of my variables.



Thanks so much,



- Jay


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