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subreport data is null


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Hi all experts,


i have created 1 master report and 1 subreport. master report is using database JDBC connection while the subreport is using xml datasource. the subreport with xml data will be displayed based on the seach criteria in the master report.. however when i run the report , the subreport data is null.. i truly ran out of idea what is goin wrong..


below is the detail of my report setting:


master report:


i use datasource expression with value: new JRXmlDataSource($F{XML_LOG},



parameter: USR_ID, expression - $F{USR_ID}


report query: select * from TEST where USR_ID='USER5'


Subreport :


field- $F{XML_LOG} - java.lang.string

Report query : select * from TEST WHERE USR_ID = $P{USR_ID}



fyi, the XML_LOG that from master report query is java.io.InputStream and the xml wil be display based on the search criteria..


and i create the xml datasource using the below expression:



Any help would be highly appreciated..


thanks in advance!!

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