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Subreport margins

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By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

Subreport margins

2003-04-24 07:57

I have two reports that can be run independently. Each one has the margins set for a normal printout.


I want to use one of the reports as a subreport in the other. The problem I have is that the margins of the report are causing alignment problems when used as a subreport. I can handle the left and right margins by making the subreport as wide as the page (not the column). The problem I have now is how to handle the top and bottom margins.


Does anyone have suggestions on how to overcome this problem? I am not opposed to using scriptlets if that is necessary.


I had thought that perhaps an attribute could be added to a subreport tag to ignore the margins defined by the subreport it referenced.


Thanks for your ideas!





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Subreport margins

2003-04-25 10:13

You could use your report evreytime as subreport. Sometime as subreport of a dummy report (a report that contains only your subreport), sometimes as subreport of the first report that you talking about.









By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: Subreport margins

2003-04-29 07:01

Thanks. Works great.


I love the forums, you can always get a different perspective here!

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