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I understand that the band height changes to accomodate the content of the fields at run time. In fact I have two subreports in my detail band that cause this and thats fine.


The problem I have is there is also a variable field in the report that is actually made from the concaternation of 4 other variable fields, the last 3 all having "\r" (that should be backslash r) then the string to give me a seperate line for each.


If the subreports I have stretch the detail band height sufficiently, then all is well, all 4 lines come through, however if the subreports are small, then the variable field gets cut off after however many lines fit.


I have tried the Stretch on Overflow, no luck, any ideas?




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could you post the .jrxml file for the report in question?

i would like to see if i could figure out your situation.

have you tried using the newline character (n) instead of the carriage return character ®.

i don't know for sure but i think iReport /jasperReport does not recognize the "r" character.



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