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Redundant space on page bottom


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I have problem with redundant space in report detail before page footer and can not find solution.

So I have report that shows records in detail section. Record can be one of five types: every type have his style of display (various textfields with various length etc). So in detail I have five "rows" with appropriate "print when expression" and "remove when blank" flag set to true.

It works fine except end of page: on every page bottom is free space whitch correnspondent space of 5 rows!!!

When I add next "row" in detail for sixth type, space on page bottom increases.

When I organize all five (six) "rows" crisscross (that means all textfields have Top set to 0) and Band height set to one textfield height, all is ok without space - but maintenance of this pandemonium is horrible.


Can anybody please help me how to realize this?




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This is also a problem for me. I designed a general subreport which should be filled with variant data, and dependent on which fields are filled, the detail band should only display them. All textfields have the position type "Float", and the options "Blank when null" and "Remove line when blank" are active.


It works fine if all fields are filled, but if not, there is free space on the bottom of the page, and the space corresponds to the height of the fields which are not shown.


If someone has an idea how to fix this, please do tell!

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Here is an image to illustrate the description above:




The space below the last line is unnecessary because the next page continues with one-line-rows. The fields which are not shown in these records are hidden correctly first (and the space they consume is freed), but the last record on each page doesn't free the space the fields would consume if they were shown.

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It seems to be a workaround to minimize the height of the textfields which are hidden sometimes (I've set their heights to 4px). Then the wasted space also gets smaller - but you have to activate "Stretch with overflow" of course!

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