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Spaces in Field Name

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By: Ed B - thechocolatay

Spaces in Field Name

2003-04-24 08:33

I am trying to generate a report from a table that has spaces in the field names. I get an error beacaus eof the spaces, and when I put in the mySQL syntax I still get errors see my example below. I cannot remove the spaces because I do not own the data source. I would appreciate any help.


FieldName - Works

Field Name - Errors

`Field Name` - Errors





By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: Spaces in Field Name

2003-04-24 09:05

I understand that you don't have access to the table, but do you have the ability to write a query against it?


If so, then could you alias the offending fields and use the new query as the basis of the report?


I just thought I would toss that out there, I don't know how to solve the problem using Jasper conventions, off the top of my head.





By: Ed B - thechocolatay

RE: Spaces in Field Name

2003-04-26 09:13

Thanks for your help! I did not think of using aliases, I tried it out and it works.

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