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Date Formats in JasperServer 1.2.1


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I have a similar problem to what lots of people seem to have had with JasperServer. I can create and run reports in iReport fine. I am using MySQL with the yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss format.


For some reason dates are mangled on the JasperServer rendering reports that reply on date paramters useless. Reports run but anything which needs a date provides incorrect results (normally 0 counts)


I have checked the Date format on the server and in MySQL and I am happy that these are correct.


For example in MySQL a creation date in the jiresourcefolder table is given as 2007-04-27 13:45:13 but this is displayed as 2007-45-27 13:45 by the JasperServer.


I have had a play about with the jasperserver_config file in my JasperServer installation but this hasn't had any effect. Here is the content of this file...



datetime.format=yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm


calendar.datetime.format=%d-%m-%Y %H:%M


Can anyone help? Many thanks.

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