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My project is looking for some kind of 'dynamic dashboard' function. Currently, it's build on MS Excel. When the report shown, we want change some fields, and all the fields will be calculated again and the diagram will be refreshed. We call it 'what-If Scenario Dynamic Dashboard'. Not sure if Jasper can do this? Thanks!
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im in need for the same feature. As far as i can see this is not available in the opensource free version.

something close to dashboard can be created using Jasper but only with JSP coding using/calling the OLAP analysis feature. but its not a dashboard for real.


another option is creating a report with a look and feel of a dashboard. and then either refresh it or add parameters for specific control.


id be very happy to know if you find a dashboard like you describes. im in need for that feature aswell.



Shalom Dinur

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